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Comprehensive Exam

A comprehensive examination is the foundation of good dental care. It allows the doctor, hygienist and patient to get to know each other, and discuss the reason for your visit. It’s important for you to let our staff know about any medical conditions you have, any allergies, and any prescription drugs you take. You are more than a collection of teeth and your general health is of great concern to us. Please also let us know about any special circumstances that may affect your dental care, such as medical conditions. such as participation in sports or previous major dental work you’ve had done.

We will carefully evaluate the health of teeth, gums and jaw structure. Early detection of problems always allows for a better outcome whether it is a cavity, periodontal disease or mouth cancer. You are more than just teeth to us, you are a whole person.

We take necessary dental x-rays when needed. Our digital dental x-rays are very low dose and yield excellent clarity. We take further precautions and use lead shielding to protect you even more.

For many people, a good cleaning is all they really need. If you’ve been considering cosmetic services such as whitening or veneers, this is a great opportunity to talk about what you’d like and come up with a plan of treatment.

Dental Cleanings

The purpose of a dental cleaning is to remove plaque (a sticky film filled with bacteria!) and tartar (a hard buildup of calcium and other minerals) to keep the teeth smooth, and to keep bacteria from collecting close to the gums, where it can damage both gums and tooth structures. A dental cleaning leaves the teeth feeling clean and smooth, and makes it much easier to keep your teeth clean and healthy at home. Several different instruments are used, but you shouldn’t feel any pain. We do offer nitrous oxide, commonly known as laughing gas, if you are very nervous or uncomfortable.

If it’s been a while since you’ve been to the dentist, it will take some time to get the accumulated build-up removed. Don’t let this stop you from making that appointment! It’s never too late to start properly caring for your teeth. Getting on a regular schedule of cleanings makes it quicker and easier going forward.

Oral Cancer Screenings

As part of the comprehensive exam, we’ll examine all the soft tissues of the mouth to check for early signs of oral cancer. As with any type of cancer, early detection is important. Identifying suspicious lesions and performing a biopsy, if necessary, will allow the cancer to be treated before it can grow and spread.

If you notice any lumps, lesions or sores that don’t seem to heal, schedule an appointment right away. We’ll be able to evaluate and diagnose, so definitive treatment can begin right away.

Dental X-Rays

X-rays are a powerful tool used to evaluate the structures of your jaw and teeth, and detect any problems. We use digital technology to reduce exposure to very low levels. We will take necessary x-rays to properly diagnose and treat any dental conditions. We will request any x-rays from a previous dentist to avoid duplication of work.

The main types of dental x-rays are bitewing, peri-apical, and panoramic.

  • The bitewing x-ray detects cavities and bone loss between teeth.
  • The peri-apical x-ray shows the entire tooth and root into the jaw bone to detect abscesses and other anomalies.
  • A panoramic x-ray is an image of the entire mouth. It is used most often to evaluate wisdom teeth and jaw fractures in the case of trauma.

We also offer the latest in 3D dental x-rays, sometimes called a dental CT. This technology is vital in achieving safe and predictable results in implant dentistry. Dental x-rays are safe but we will protect you further by having you wear a lead apron when taking x-rays.

Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride treatments help strengthen teeth that have been weakened by the acids in plaque and tartar. They come in a variety of flavors, and are applied to the teeth as foam or a gel. Even though it tastes good, don’t swallow it! After the application, you’ll spit out the remaining fluoride leaving a thin film of fluoride which the tooth will absorb and make it more resistant to decay.

Fluoride treatments are a quick and easy way to help protect your teeth and strengthen them. Children benefit the most, since baby teeth tend to be softer and more vulnerable than the adult teeth to dental decay. Adults also benefit from fluoride treatments. Unfortunately most insurances do not cover this an adult benefit. We charge a only a minimal amount for this vital treatment to encourage even adults to get it.

Dental Sealants

Dental sealants act as a physical barrier against the formation of tooth decay. A thin plastic coating is painted onto the surfaces of the back teeth, where cavities are most likely to occur. The plastic binds to the pits and ridges of the chewing surfaces keeping plaque and acids from building up and causing tooth decay.

Sealants are simple to apply, and can last several years before a reapplication is necessary. They are most commonly used in children and teenagers, but adults can benefit as well. No shots or drilling is needed! Unfortunately most insurances do not cover this an adult benefit. We charge a only a minimal amount for this vital treatment to encourage even adults to get it.

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